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OCR's Art Studio

At Oak Creek Ranch's (OCR) Art Studio, your artistic soul will be inspired by nature all year round. Our horizons are vast, with a view of the Topanga hills providing a feeling of an endless beyond. On the property, we are surrounded by majestic oak trees and the sound of creek soothes the mind.

OCR's Art Studio welcomes artists of all kinds who enjoy working in a community of people who love being together with fellow artists. Our community is inspiring, supportive, and dynamic. We seek to foster a positive environment, where there is abundant cooperation, no judgment, no competition, positive structural critique, and collaboration. We believe in sharing ideas, space, and models.

In our view, artists working together can gain marketing advantages, reap quantity and bulk discounts on supplies through joint purchasing, share studio space and equipment, maintain control over the distribution of their work, and use the cooperative model to increase their artistic freedom and control over performances and exhibits. We can share the costs of expensive tools like kilns or other equipment by purchasing and using them together. For those who want to, they can offer technical assistance, collegiality, and constructive critique to one another.

OCR Art Studio members may use our space to offer their own classes, lectures, exhibitions or take part in formal and informal discussion, structural critique, collaboration, and teaching.

Individual classes
OCR Art Studio offers art classes at all levels, from beginners to advanced students in the areas of sculpture, ceramics, painting, and mixed media. We are a fully equipped studio with electric and gas kilns, potter’s wheels… and everything else that a sculpture & ceramics studio needs.