Yorit Art

About Yorit

I believe that I was born an artist. My sculptures represent my passions of movement, music and nature. My art is especially a reflection of my early career as a dancer. Growing up on the beach in Israel, I was motivated by the fresh air of the sea, feeling the crumbly sand on my toes and listening to music.  My soul awakened to the beats of music and I began to dance as a form of expression. When I was four years old I started taking Ballet classes. At the age of 14, I became a professional dancer throughout Israel and was featured in the theater, movies, television shows, and the Israeli opera.  My parents always believed in me and helped me to pursue my dreams. In college I studied ceramics, painting, and pottery which led to sculpting. Using my hands to form, discover and create the clay connects me to the earth and brings me back to nature. My two passions collide as nature and movement become one in a sculpture. I use metal, water clay, oil clay and wood to sculpt. The finished product is in an acrylic, bronze, fired clay, wood or natural. Spirituality plays a big role in my work. I begin each project with lighting a candle and saying a prayer to my spirit guides asking for guidance with my work. Listening to music allows my body to move and mold the sculptures. 

​Recent Project: “Aerialists in Motion” – Deeply inspired by the motions and fabric used by a
professional aerialist. I captured a sequence of 4 poses and began sculpting . Starting with oil clay I formed the sculpture and it was cast in acrylic with bronze powder.

Most recent projects is a series called "Fascinating Resilient Women" - I'm getting inspired by the strong women of 2018 who came forward and tell their story on TV and in private. In this series I'm using multimedia materials of Clay, Cement, Tree and Vine brunches, stones, and metals.